Character Art & Illustration

Commissions are currently closed.


Hello! I'm Whitney, or WyvernWhit on the world wide web!
[email protected]

Status: closedCommission Information and Terms of ServiceWhat am I offering?
Digital paintings of your original character(s).
What will I and won't I be willing to draw?
I will only draw original characters. I will not draw fanart or real life people/celebrities. However, I will draw your character if they exist in another universe such as TTRPG and MMORPG settings.
Payment Method:
I accept upfront payments through PayPal and Ko-fi.
Commission prices may change over time, but announcements will be made beforehand and current works in progress will not be affected.
Permissions of the Commissioner:
The commissioner may use the completed artwork in any way they'd like except claiming it as their own or selling it/using it to gain profit. The artwork is for non-profit personal use only.
Do not remove the artist’s signature.
Permissions of the Artist:
The artist has the right to deny any commission request for any reason.
The artist may share the commissioned artwork in their gallery and on social media or any other platform if they choose to.
How long will a commissioner need to wait for the completed artwork?
Commissions are worked on in the order that they're received. Refer to my Trello tracker for the current queue.
Depending on the type of order and where it is in the queue, the artwork could take between a couple of days to a few weeks to complete.
You may also contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you!(updated 01/08/2023)

✏️ Sketch
Headshot: $5.00 (no hands)
Bust: $10.00
Half Body: $15.00
Full Body: $20.00
🖋️ Character Artwork
Headshot (no hands, no background): $35.00
Bust (no background): $50.00
Half Body: $65.00
Full Body: $80.00
Background Element (optional): $10.00
🖼️ Illustration Details
Background for Half Body: $15.00
Background for Full Body: $25.00
Additional Characters: refer to character artwork prices
🦅 Additional Details
Intricate Armor, Clothes, Weaponry, Jewelry: $10.00
Wings: $10.00
Pets: $10.00 each
Character Sketch Notes: Sketches are loose and experimental.Character Artwork Notes: These are standalone characters with no background or a single color/splash of color/gradient background. A single background element can also be included for an additional fee.Illustration Details Notes: Background details and composition will be discussed.Additional Details Notes: Intricate personal effects will be discussed to determine if they warrant an extra fee.Please share with me:
> visual and/or written references of your character
> personality traits
> pose ideas, expression ideas


Character Artwork: Full Body, Background, Intricate Clothing/Jewelry, Wings

Character Artwork: Full Body, Background, Wings

Character Artwork: Full Body, Background, Pet

Character Artwork: Bust

Character Artwork: Headshot